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For the Love of the Game

Gamestreet was established in 2020 to craft interactive entertainment to the world.

It is an indian company with one developer Shyam Awasthi (14 years old) Game street is a company working relentlessly towards game making ; for android and window users . These days people are often directed towards this field, showing some of my acquired skills I, therefore put forward my efforts and I hope this would not go in vain . Representing a fictional world has always been my fantasy. Fiction is a way of representing a new and a different outlook in the real world .

Many people ask me what is your experience while making a game I often answer them that it depend on your mental ability and your interests, your perspective towards the fictional realities of the game. Game development is all about this.


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We’re based in Lucknow


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It takes the world's best talent to change the game.

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